Job Seekers

Finding a JOB is tough!

We help thousands of people each year find a job and all of our services are free!  Stop in and browse job openings in your area and get help with a resume or find out how to be trained for a new career.  Offices are located in Tennessee Career Centers.You can also visit the new website for employers and jobseekers at  It also has useful information on the local labor market, including average wages.

  • Get one-on-one help with your job search
  • Find out about training programs and learn new job skills
  • Access computers and fax machines
  • Use the Resource Labs with area job postings and more
  • Take free workshops, including computer training, every month
  • Earn a Career Readiness Certificate

All services are free to job seekers.

The WIA program is funded by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development through and agreement with Walters State Community College.