Pre-screening of Applicants.  American Job Center staff can prescreen applications to assist employers in narrowing the field of applicants.

Interviewing.   If employers need a space to interview applicants, there are rooms available at american job centers.   Interviewing sessions can be scheduled by request. Facility use is free.

Testing & Assessment.   Tests and assessments can be administered by request to help employers maximize their chances for getting the right fit between jobs and employees.

Job Fairs & Hiring Events.  Job fairs can attract many jobseekers and allow employers to quickly develop a pool of applicants.  Job fairs can include one or more employers and can be held at American Job Centers or other local facilities.

Job Orders.  Employers can post jobs and reach a large audience by using the website.  Jobs orders are automatically submitted to the Tennessee  Department of Labor and Workforce Development for posting.

Tenenssee Career Coaches.  Three career coaches operate in East, Middle and West Tennessee.  Employers with job orders can request a career coach onsite.  Employers that require an online application can utilize the coach’s  mobile computer lab with Internet access; create a venue for workshops and serve as a recruitment center for companies.